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Brown suit for every gentleman

You are the man in a brown suit. Especially if you go for a brown suit in tweed style. One that completely matches your image and boosts your confidence. We offer those kinds of brown suits at The Garrison. Stylish men's suits with beautiful details and a perfect fit.

Brown men's suits for summer and winter

We have several 3-pieces at The Garrison men suits. Suits that are suitable for the summer, but also for the winter. If you have a wedding, a brown suit made of thin tweed fabric is a perfect choice. Many people think that tweed fabrics are only suitable for winter. But at The Garrison we also offer plenty of brown tweed suits that you can wear perfectly in the summer.

1920s Style Brown Tweed Suits

Brown tweed suits fit very well the 1920 style and are now back again. For example, at The Garrison we do not offer meadow costumes. But beautiful tailored suits. This way you can look perfect, even when you want to go to a special occasion in 1920 style.

Getting married in a brown suit

Getting married in a brown suit is also done a lot. Where previously blue suits were worn a lot, you now see more and more brown suits on a wedding day. In addition to brown, green and red are also very much in fashion. That is also a very good choice if you want something different than a standard blue suit.

Accessories for your brown suit

Match your brown suit with matching accessories. So that you will soon be dressed like a real gentleman. Accessories like a pocket watch or a knitted tie are perfect to add to your costume. In addition, a White shirt always a good choice to complete your suit outfit.