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Mens suit

A mens suit can be worn in different ways. This way you have 2-piece suits and 3-piece suits. You as a gentleman are the one who has to make the choice. Which style suits you best and which color is suitable for the occasion. Are you going for a dark tweed suit or do you opt for a summery suit in a light color? There are many different styles when it comes to a men's suit. For example, there is a lot of choice in different fabrics. There is a lot of difference in the composition of the fabrics and the thickness and structure of the fabrics. Do you opt for a summer suit or will it be a thicker tweed suit for the colder days? At The Garrison, everything is divided into different categories. So you can easily find what you need online. Other factors that come into play when choosing a suit are, for example, the color and the type of suit. Popular colors are navy blue and gray, but brown is also widely sold these days. At you can choose from multiple colours, fabrics and styles. Whether you go for a dark blue or a white suit. We offer it all.

Buy men's suit online

A mens suit Buying online has never been so easy. With our size tool you can easily calculate the size that suits you best. The package is then sent with a form. This form contains a QR code that you can scan. When you scan it, the best tailors around will show up in your phone. Suppose you still have to make an adjustment. Then you can easily have it done at the tailor in your area. All our suits have extra fabric that is finished inside. A tailor can therefore easily lengthen or shorten your men's suit. Even if your suit is a little too tight at the waist, a tailor can easily give it a little more room. In addition, the suit can of course also be taken when necessary. For example, you can order a men's suit online and you can even have it fully customized in your area.

Free shipping and returns

At The Garrison you can easily order all suits online with free shipping and returns. Are you not satisfied or does the suit not fit well? Then you can easily exchange for another suit or opt for a refund. Your return will be processed according to your wishes upon arrival. Are you looking for a nice men's suit for a good price? Then you've come to the right place at The Garrison. We have a suit for every gentleman. Where many suit stores only offer small sizes. We go from sizes 1 year to 14 years and from 44eu to 62eu. So we have suits for young and old, but also for the gentleman with a curvier. We also offer suits in different colors. Are you looking for a blue suitthen that is no problem for us. But we also have a nice offer from brown suits of gray suits.