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Why buy a blue suit?

Are you looking for a nice blue suit? Good choice! A blue suit is suitable for any occasion. So you know for sure that you are in the right place when you go for blue. If you look around you, blue is also a very popular color! You often see Navy blue or sky blue in particular. For example in the business suits. Great to combine with a white shirt and a nice tie. But the color light blue is also widely worn. Especially in the summer is a light blue mens suit an excellent choice! So are you getting married or are you a guest at a wedding in the spring or summer. Then consider a light blue suit. We have great models with a nice classic look. At The Garrison you will find many blue suits with beautiful details. Like a diamond or double breasted waistcoat. Do you want to look good? Then you are always right with a blue suit!

How do you wear a blue suit?

A blue suit can be combined very well with different colors and accessories. Do you have a navy blue suit. Then a tie in the color wine red matches perfectly. But if you want to keep things calmer, a beige tie is also very suitable. Under the suit, a white shirt is perfect. But you can also combine a blue suit with shirts in a different color. Just make sure you keep it calm. Does your suit have checks or stripes? Then don't combine it with a shirt with a pattern, but opt ​​for a plain shirt. This way you ensure a nice chic look. If you do want a shirt with a pattern, go for a plain blue suit.

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Combination with casual clothing

Are you considering buying a blue suit for a special occasion and do you think it would be a shame to only wear it once? No problem, the separate parts of a three-piece suit can be perfectly combined in your casual outfit. For example, you can simply wear the jacket or waistcoat loose on a turtleneck or shirt. In combination with jeans, this is the ideal casual look. This way you can continue to wear your three-piece suit next to special occasions.

Blue children's suits in different styles

Yes, beautiful isn't it? The children and daddy in style in a nice blue suit?

Do you have a special day with family soon? A wedding or maybe a Christmas dinner? Now's the time to blow your family away with a gorgeous blue suit for Dad and the kids! At The Garrison we already have a whole range of children's suits in the color blue. Many of these suits are available for young and old. Because yes.. We wouldn't be The Garrison if we didn't also have a nice range of tweed suits for children. This way you quickly bring back the 1920s atmosphere. The atmosphere in which men and boys walked down the street fully dressed in three-piece suits. So the men must soon look like a real gentleman. Then this is your chance to dress them completely in a blue suit to your own style!

Add beautiful accessories to your blue suit

To complete your blue suit you can add beautiful accessories to your costume. At The Garrison we have a choice of many different accessories. Accessories with which you can completely distinguish yourself from the rest. Are you a fan of the 1920s style? The time when every man wore a three-piece suit every day with a nice hat or baker's cap on his head? Then it is almost a must to add a pocket watch to your men's suit. Especially with a 3-piece suit, you can use it perfectly in your costume. For example, you can hook the chain on the buttonhole and hang the pocket watch in the pocket of the waistcoat. A knitted tie with a flat bottom also works very well in the classic look and to complete the look add a pair of chic shoes under your blue suit. Do you want some beautiful accessories to add. Then quickly view all our accessories.